Why your perspective may be getting in the way of your success (and what to do about it).

Why your perspective may be getting in the way of your success (and what to do about it).

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Hey everyone. So I just wanted to jump on here live. I am sitting in my car because I just had the best day at the assemblage symposium here in McMinnville, Oregon. So this was a fantastic event put on all about, uh, women and diversity and inclusion in the wine and hospitality industry. So as you may know, um, my husband and I own a restaurant here in the wine country and are huge fans of the Oregon wine industry. And so I was really excited to participate in this in this symposium today. But I wanted to tell you a little bit of a story about my experience coming to and driving through a frozen Willamette Valley on the way to this symposium today. And also bring this all back to a lesson for you. As you know, my weekly show, live marketing show is called Sticky Note Marketing because I truly believe that when we share marketing tips, when I share marketing tips with my students and clients, it’s really important for me to do it in bite sized pieces., kind of easily consumable pieces, just enough to fit on a sticky note.

So one of the things that I’m seeing happen is people’s perspective or limiting beliefs getting basically in the way of their success. And so let me tell you a quick story about what happened on my drive here to the symposium this morning. So on the way here, it was very early in the morning cause we live a little bit of a ways from where the event was happening. And so I’m driving through Willamette Valley and it’s frozen. So I’m, you know, in my car driving along, making sure I’m not slipping and sliding on the roads and just noticing all of the frozen dead plants on the side of the road and how everything is covered in frost. And I’m cold. And, you know, I don’t have a super fancy car that I can preheat in the morning, but so I’m still like waiting for things to defrost on my windshield and on my windows and I’m just cold and I’m kind of like, ah, and sipping my coffee.

You’re just driving and kind of just focused. And it was very kind of like cold mindset kind of feeling. And, but then all of a sudden I was reminded, I just had this kind of reminder to listen to the Voxer that one of my mentors had sent me about energy and about kind of boosting my energy for those mornings that I found challenging. And so I listened to that message from her and all of a sudden it was allowing me to kind of get a fresh perspective and all of a sudden instead of just seeing the frozen dead vegetation on the side of the road, I took a breath and I actually realized that there was some really cool light coming into the car and onto my steering wheel. And I looked out my window to the left and realized that the entire sky was on fire.

That it was this gorgeous sunrise, beautiful sunrise. The sky was painted with all these different crazy colors. I’ll even try and post a picture of it, what it looked like that it’s hard to capture on just an iPhone. But it just was stunning. It was beautiful. And what struck me was that I almost didn’t see it even though it was taking over the entire sky and just outside my window. I almost didn’t see it cause I was so focused on the dead frozen landscape that I was in my limited perception, my limited view and perspective was focused on, and it just made me realize that this is what can get stuck so many times for a lot of business owners, entrepreneurs that are limited in their perspective, they’re stuck in the way of doing things the way that they’ve always done them or that they’re comfortable doing them or that they’ve been initially taught to do it and they get stuck and they get stuck in that kind of, Oh well this is how we’ve always done it.

Or this is what’s been working. Or I don’t know if I try something new, if it’s going to work or not. And that limited perspective, those, those blinders that we’re putting on ourselves and our businesses can keep us stuck and keep us from our success. And so its just kind of was this moment of like, Oh, well that’s, that’s really important that that’s, you know, something I need to think about, not just when I’m driving and enjoying the wonderful beauty that I’ve got around me in the Oregon wine country, but in, in life and in business too. So what about your perspective? Do you need to potentially shift to expand that, that view and really take in the peripheral view of what you’ve got around you, what resources you’ve got, what stories you’ve got to tell? And so let me bring this back to this symposium.

So today we had a lot of great sessions, but one of the sessions especially, I loved by Carrie from Little Green Pickle and she basically was talking about how it’s important to be your best own PR representative. So knowing what story is unique about you, what is unique about the value you bring to your people and being able to tell that story in a meaningful way for the people you’re talking to. So what I always like to say is I hear a lot of people say your message matters. And that’s true, but it only matters if you tell it in a way that’s meaningful to people that you want to bring into your world, whether it’s their new people, into your community, into your business, into being a buyer from you. But your message does matter. But you need to tell it in a way that’s meaningful to them.

So I loved what she was talking about and it was really interesting because sometimes our perspective, that blinders that we’re putting on ourselves needs to be broken by someone outside of us. And so one of the reasons I love going to events like this, symposiums like this is because it gives you a fresh perspective. It gives you an outside view. It may stir up things in your mind and your brain that are a new thing. And so it’s one of these things where I think it’s important for us to get outside of our normal everyday thing. So whether it’s going to a local networking event, whether it’s listening to different content, whether it’s reading a new book, whether it’s going to a big conference like this, but getting outside of that daily to do list and getting that fresh perspective, taking those blinders off can give you an understanding of your story from a new perspective.

So I really liked that and wanted to share that with you since I was kind of called to share the story today. So I want to hear from you guys if you’re watching this either live or on the replay. Tell me below when was the last time that you took the blinders off that you went out and got a fresh perspective, whether it was reading a new book, whether it was going to a network event, a conference, a symposium, whether it was just having coffee with someone new that was a new friend or a new contact or a new connection. So let me know the last time you did that below and I would love to continue the conversation with you in our private Facebook group. So I linked that above. Or swipe up depending on where you’re watching this. And I would love to continue the conversation with you there. Thanks for watching and I will see you later. Cheers.


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