The Essential 3 Steps to Building Your Audience and Email List

The Essential 3 Steps to Building Your Audience and Email List (without spending all day online) on today’s Sticky Note Marketing LIVE Show (simple marketing strategies for savvy business owners)!

One of the most valuable things I work on with my clients is creating a “strategic customer journey” in their business.

Using my unique Profitable Authority system to build their email list, my clients and students make sales not just from what we call “NOW buyers” – but create an audience of valuable prospects that lead to sales again and again.

This is just ONE example of why building an email list is essential! That pipeline – that community – of high value prospects that are willing to pay for what you’ve got to offer. Bye-Bye, inconsistent sales – Hello, profitable business!

In today’s episode I’m sharing 5 HIGHLY effective ways to get MORE ideal prospects on your list THIS WEEK!

Listen in and let me know what your biggest take-away was in the comments!

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