Creating Systems and Space that Support Virtual Work

PART 2 of 3 – Special Edition, 3-Part Series of Sticky Note Marketing Show

Whether it’s a pandemic, recession or natural disaster – there always will be challenges to our success and progress as professionals and entrepreneurs – but the current environment is a larger “test” that most have ever faced.

As a “remote worker” and “virtual business owner” since 2007 – I’ve learned some important things about flexibility, adaptability and resiliency that I’m going to share to help you succeed and even thrive in these uncertain times!

Whether you’re a professional navigating the strange waters of managing a remote team and advancing your career without “face time”…

A student adapting to learning remotely vs. on-campus surrounded by your peers…

Or an Entrepreneur wondering what changes in consumer behavior mean for your business…

This is for you.

Answer a few short questions and I will send you pertinent information on how to continue to grow and thrive in uncertain times:


Hi everyone. Mary Czarnecki here with this special three-part edition of Sticky Note Marketing. Today we are on part two of three. Yesterday I spoke about the first part, which is all about you. So the reason I’m doing this special three-part edition is obviously we are in a time of uncertainty and change. This is an evolving situation that’s happening in our environment and our world and our country, in our local communities right now. And I know that it can be very challenging whether you are a student now having to learn from home, whether you’re a professional, still trying to grow your career and be successful in your job in a remote working environment which might be new to you or if you’re a business owner and professional, trying to understand how to continue to grow your business in this time of uncertainty.

So as a remote worker and virtual business owner, Hey Angela, thanks for jumping in. Since 2007, I felt compelled to share some of the things that I have learned over time that has helped me the most. Also, I understand that as a marketing professional and especially one that deals with growing your profitable authority and visibility and sales virtually with the kind of technology that a lot of us are going to be using now I wanted to be able to provide you with that resource. So for those of you watching, I’d love to find out whether you’re watching live or on the replay. Let me know how this Coronavirus has impacted your business so far, whether it’s significantly impacted it somewhat or not yet, you’re not feeling it yet. So feel free to share your opinions below whether you’re watching live or watching the replay.

And also tell me where you’re watching from. I always love to know where our community is based. So like I said yesterday, I talked about part one, which is really about you getting yourself and your mindset and your support system all in place because we can’t help others, whether that’s our family, whether that’s our community, whether that’s our clients, whether that’s our teammates, whether that’s our company, we can’t support others until we have a support for ourselves. So that’s yesterday’s episode. If you didn’t check that out, feel free. I’ll post the replay below. Today we’re going to talk about part two, which is all about your space and your systems. So the things that help you do your thing. So whether you are a student now trying to learn from home, whether you are a professional now trying to manage your team and manage up sometimes in a virtual remote environment or you’re a business owner now trying to figure out how to basically fill that pipeline.

When you can’t do live networking events, you may not be able to meet with your clients live and in person, and you may be exploring new ways to serve your audience in a virtual way. So I wanted to talk specifically about some of the things that have been most beneficial and impactful for me having worked remotely since 2007 so first and foremost, I know that a lot of people are being introduced to new technologies, things like Adobe connect or zoom, Blackboard for students. A lot of us are now having to learn new systems and technology. So here’s the thing, the invitation that I’m giving you and the permission I’m giving you is to give yourself a little bit of kindness. Learning these new systems can take time and it can be confusing and overwhelming. Take advantage of the amazing Google and the amazing YouTube. There’s a ton of trainings out there.

Some of them are good, some of them are not so good, but there are great video tutorials that are going to help you navigate this uncertain time when you’re trying to learn potentially new software tools and technology, whether it’s mandated by your job, something that you’re trying to implement as a business owner, but give yourself a little bit of grace. This is my permission to you to do that. Now, if you have the option, if this isn’t a mandated software change, I would give you also the invitation to consider maybe not making massive tech changes in your business right now. So for example, if you are an entrepreneur or a business owner, don’t go radically changing your platforms in this time and this environment. Now, I know there are a lot of platform technologies out there which are wonderfully and very graciously offering discounts for their programs to support a more virtual learning and sales environment.

And I totally applaud them for doing that. However, I’m also giving you the permission, the grace for yourself to not feel compelled to have to all of a sudden upend your business and put yourself onto new platforms. So if it is mandated and it works for you, if it feels good for you to implement these new technologies, definitely take advantage of, you know, whatever opportunities you’ve got. If not, also give yourself the grace to not have to absorb a ton of new technology while absorbing everything else that’s being thrown at us, right? So that’s number one. Um, so the other thing I want to invite you to think about is how can you streamline your processes? So, things, if you have support, if you have a support team and there are things that you’re doing over and over again in your business that you want a teammate to do or you want a virtual assistant to do, or you, you’re looking to outsource to someone leveraging something like a Loom video and recording it once so that you can hand that a tool or a technology or to do off to someone else to give you a little bit more bandwidth while maybe kids are at home from school or something else, will allow you to take these things off your plate and streamline your process.

Even if you don’t have a team supporting you and your solopreneur or a small team or professional, still trying to manage all of your responsibilities in addition to all the new things probably on your plate. Also think about how you can streamline what are the essential things that are gonna move the needle, either on your impact, your profitability, your sales, or your ability to deliver either for your company or your clients. So what are the essential things and be very clear and focused on what are the things that are essential, what are the things that are nice to have? And one of the things that, you know what this week we’re going to put that on the back burner. So give yourself the permission to really look at your activities, your systems, and give yourself that detox of look, these are great ideas.

These are things that are wonderful, but they’re going to be longer term benefits, longer term impact. And right now I need to focus on the short term wins. That will help you both mentally and when it comes to your impact and in sales. Also, I want to give you the permission or invitation to think about your space. Now there are a lot of people who are used to working from home like myself and I have a dedicated space for my work. Not everyone has that luxury and I understand that. So if this is new to you, working remotely or managing a team remotely, try to find at least a dedicated space. If you don’t have space in where you live, in your home, your apartment, your condo, wherever you live, at least when you’re transforming a public space or family use space into your workspace, do something intentional about transforming that space and that time. It will give you such a mental boost.

So I haven’t always had a dedicated space. I used to have to share space with our common family area. But for me, even doing something as simple as putting down a placemat, putting down a special tablecloth, that’s only for my work time or workspace or using an essential oil or putting, you know, a special color on, putting shoes on. But making your space meaningful. You are a professional, you have expertise and you cannot shine for other people if all of a sudden there’s dirty dishes in your space and you’re kind of being inundated by this. So give yourself some professional space to work, operate and create this impact. So this is my big tips for you guys today. I would love to continue the conversation with you. I’m going to post the link down below to our free Facebook group, especially during this time. I really want to foster a community in there where you can come, you can brainstorm with other like-minded business owners.

I want it to be a safe space where we’re exploring. I don’t want it to be a space where we’re talking about fear-mongering or passing on kind of false information. This is, that’s not what this community is about. This community is about, however, supporting professionals, supporting entrepreneurs, supporting people who are charged with maintaining growth and visibility and building this profitable authority even when we’re dealing with a time of uncertainty. So I invite you to join that community and continue the conversation with me over there. Like I said, whether you’re watching live or you’re watching the replay, let me know what’s going on in your business, so that I can best support you. I am actually in the process of developing some new training that will allow you to utilize low cost or no cost marketing strategies to continue to increase that visibility.

So if that’s of interest to you, stay tuned or drop me a DM and I’ll put you on the fast action list. I look forward to supporting you tomorrow with part three of the special parts series. So tomorrow we’re going to talk specifically about some marketing strategies that you can use to maintain or grow your visibility and authority. Whether you’re a professional looking to maintain that corporate visibility and personal brand authority, or you’re a business owner looking to figure out a way to maintain that connection and grow your audience even in this time of of craziness and uncertainty. So again, wishing you all healthy vibes and you guys all healthy vibes from Oregon wine country here. And I will talk to you tomorrow. Cheers. Bye.

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